LAST UPDATE: 12/11/2023 3:12pm

Recreational Private Lessons in tumbling are a great way to stay in shape, but to also work on skill set for cheerleaders and dancer’s individual craft. Since May 2009 with the mindset that we could offer something more in the All Star Cheerleading & Dance industry. Our goal has been to offer more in the way of value, technique, building athletes confidence and offering a family atmosphere to a competitive sport.

To gain the full benefits of learning and progression on skills and success we highly recommend that your athlete is in constant lessons to better their craft each week. All private lessons are open to the general public so register today and take your child to new heights. Private lesson offerings are based on 30 – 60-minute Sessions.

Below is our current class offerings and the schedule for each class. If you have any questions, please call us at 518-313-7277 or email us at [email protected] 

Thank you for choosing Triple Threat!

Booking Guide:

1. Select a private lesson category type (Flex & Stretch/Tumbling)
2. Select Coaching Level and Staff Member
3. Select Tier of athlete

  • All Star athletes are enrolled in our All Star program
  • Class athletes are enrolled in any class at Triple Threat Athletics
  • Non-Class athlete are not enrolled in any program currently at Triple Threat Athletics

4. Select Date & Time
5. Input Personal Information – Payment Information will be required to book a lesson. * Get Confirmation! *

Cancellations can be made by clicking “Manage My Appointment” In the confirmation e-mail you receive after booking.

6. See you at the gym




  • ONLY pre-registered athletes are allowed in the gym.
  • All guests must remain in the lobby and keep the noise level down at all times.
  • Any person that walks into the practice area and disrupts a class will be asked to leave the gym immediately.
  • Triple Threat is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen.
  • The parent viewing area is a privilege that has been provided to allow parents and friends to safely observe classes. Triple Threat staff reserves the right to suspend parent viewing room privileges when necessary.
  • Triple Threat respectfully request that discussions and comments involving children other than your own be avoided at all costs. Please remember that all parents and friends need to feel comfortable in this environment. Remember the rules of common courtesy.
  • During class times is not the appropriate time to discuss issues/concerns with Triple Threat coaches. Coaches are available before or after classes.
  • Please refrain from engaging in any sort of negative behavior or speech about Triple Threat or its athletes or any other industry programs.
  • Guests are not to help themselves to items behind the desk, in the coach’s room, owner’s office, or restricted areas.
  • Any negative behavior towards a Triple Threat member, gym, staff, via any medium (face to face, email, Facebook, texting, etc.), could result in suspension and or dismissal from the gym.
  • The program owner’s and staff reserve the right to search the property of a person suspected of stealing or taking items that do not belong to them.


👌Registration is first come first served. Private lessons must be book 24 hours in advance (unless manually booked by a 3TA staff member)

👌Triple Threat does not accept walk-ins, athletes must pre-register on the Triple Threat website to secure enrollment. Private lessons are to be paid directly through our private lesson portal (SETMORE) before the lesson takes place.
👌Successful class enrollments will have confirmation emails sent to the provided email on file.
👌Once your athlete has concluded their class. Athletes must exit the gym and wait in the lobby for their guardian.

👌Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, illness, etc., class coaches may vary with prior notification.

👌 If a confirmed lesson is cancelled within six hours of the private lesson day a credit or refund will be issued within 2-7 days to use to reschedule another timeframe. Any time after this policy no credits or refunds will be issued. Please contact the coach listed on the link for any issues with scheduling your private lesson.

👌In the event of a closure due to weather and or COVID-19 lessons may move virtually via Zoom. Instructions on how to obtain access will be emailed to the registered members associated with class.

👌Triple Threat has worked very hard to come up with a fair and transparent financial policy… Our prices, payment policy, financial obligations are non-negotiable.

👌In any event, situation, incident, or problem that may arise that is not specifically stated or covered within this set of rules and guidelines, will be acted upon at the discretion of the owners, and coaching staff of the organization.

👌Instructors have the right to determine the level of your tumbling class.

👌Please look for updates if a lesson may be cancelled! An email will be sent directly from the instructor informing you that the lesson is cancelled. Any immedaite gym closures due to weather or events beyond our control will be posted on our social media PAGES – Facebook – Triple Threat Athletics , Instagram – THREATNATION

Closures due to weather will be determined at 4pm on weekdays and at least 2 hours prior to weekend times. Closings will be posted on social media pages; Facebook and Instagram! In the event of cancelations classes/practices may move virtually via Zoom. This also applies to situations and events beyond the gyms control.

All of the coaches are GREAT, but as they all have different personalities and different coaching styles, your athlete may be drawn to one coach more than another. Feel free to schedule with a few coaches and see if it’s a “match.” When you find the coach who is compatible with your athlete and whose time slots match your schedule, you can always request to make it a recurring.